The First Leg of the Final Round of GED Trainings for DTI Colleagues

23 November 2016, by Elpe Canoog and Volker Steigerwald

22 November 2016 signalled the start of the three day Training on Green
Economic Development, conducted in West Gorordo Hotel, Cebu City. Participants were representatives from all the DTI provincial offices of Regions I and II, the 2016 replication provinces of ProGED and all the other provinces not covered by ProGED in Regions III and IVB. DTI colleagues from the national offices like the Resource Generation and Management Services (RGMS) of the Office of the Secretary, the Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprise Development (BSMED), the Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion (BDTP) and Consumer Protection and Advocacy Bureau (CPAB) also participated.

The main objective of the training was to enhance the knowledge and competence of the DTI staff to enable them to become effective facilitators of Green Economic Development (GED). Key topical inputs to the training included 1) Concepts on GED and its increasing relevance in planning and resource programming for all countries worldwide, 2) Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and DTI’s commitment for GED, 3) Global Green Growth Institute and Korea’s Green Growth Strategy, 4) Greening of Value Chains, 5) Greening of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, 6) Mobilizing Consumers to Go Green and 7) Accelerating GED.

The inputs given were substantiated by the testimonies of DTI Cebu Provincial Director Ms Nannette Arbon on the greening of the tourism value chain in Bohol, and DTI Agusan del Norte Provincial Director, Ms Gay Tidalgo, on the greening of the tourism and processed food value chains, and DTI Bohol Chief of the Consumer Welfare and Business Registration Division, Mr Joe Hibaya, on the initiatives of their office to mobilize consumers to go green. Further, three enterprises were invited to share their greening experiences to the participants. The trainees also visited two enterprises to see how the greening strategies are implemented on the ground. The visit gave them the opportunity to further understand the motivation of the host enterprises to go green, the challenges they have encountered and how they have addressed them, benefits they have realized from greening and suggestions they liked to put forward to GED enablers both from the public and the private sector.

During the third and last day of the training, the participants first shared their impressions and experiences from the inputs and the visits. The overall realization was it is not difficult to go green and it is not difficult to convince MSMEs to go green. It all has to start from within, from a shift of mind set, a conscious decision to look at the world and everyone’s daily life differently, from a perspective towards each decision that we make to go the “green” path. Even if this seems to be a sacrifice at the start, once it becomes a habit, it becomes second nature. The example is using the elevator: once you decide to walk the stairs, you will realize that it is not inconvenient, but it actually is very good for your health.

The participants then prepared action plans outlining the things that they, as individuals, will do next. These activities were then compiled and consolidated to contain what the respective DTI provincial, regional and national offices will do to accelerate GED based on the new learnings they have acquired from the training. During the presentation of the action plans, DTI National Project Coordinator for ProGED, Ms Elsie Tan, senior staff from the office of BSMED, representing the office of Undersecretary Zenaida Cuison Maglaya, was around to listen to the presentation, commented on the plans and expressed commitment to support their implementation. Comments were also given from ProGED GIZ colleagues and from the perspective of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI).

The training team was comprised of colleagues from the GIZ ProGED Team, namely Misses Rita Pilarca, Miriam Bacalso, Elpe Canoog and Anita Benassi. The presence of two GGGI staff, Mr Hyo Youl, Kim, Country Representative for the Philippines and Mr Rhoel Bernardo, GGGI Project Manager, and their valuable inputs to the training were highly appreciated. Ms Jule Tulach, Portfolio Manager of GIZ Philippines and the Pacific, also joined to learn how some of the key knowledge products that the ProGED project has produced, specifically its Replication Toolbox, will be put to good use by the DTI in view of the project’s closure on 31 December 2016. ProGED GIZ tapped the services of Ms Carmela Ariza to be the lead moderator of the training.

The first batch of trainees gave very positive feedback on the training. Following the same structure and process, two further GED trainings for DTI staff from the other Non Replication provinces and regions for ProGED and DTI national offices will be conducted from 6 to 8 December 2016, in Harolds Hotel, Cebu City, and from 12 to 14 December 2016, in City Garden Hotel, Makati City.


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  1. Considering the KAS (knowledge, attitude, skill) gained from the training, there is no other way but to incorporate green growth initiatives in any field of specialization. Had i been positively enriched (mind set) prior to my Dissertation in the field of Development Administration, this could have been a very timely and relevant topic which could have contributed a great deal to the academe.

    Nonetheless, it is not yet late – this is the time!!! Congratulations to the whole training staff!

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