AccGED Pilot Replication and Innovation Workshop

AccGED Pilot Replication and Innovation Workshop in cooperation with DTI Region 3 Office during 23/24 February 2017 in San Fernando, Pampanga Province.

The AccGED pilot workshop in Pampanga was carried out to initiate a strategic and coordinate DTI-wide replication approach for green economic development among MSMEs and DTI related stakeholders.… read more »

GIZ turned over ProGED Project Assets to DTI ROG National Office

21 December 2016, By Dr Volker Steigerwald

giz-turned-over-proged-project-assets-to-dtiIn a simple ceremony, the GIZ partners of the ProGED project turned over all equipment, documents and files to the DTI ROG National Office on Monday, 19 December 2016. With this, the Inphasing of DTI with regard to the continuation of promoting Green Economic Development (GED) had been completed, and the GIZ team of ProGED said goodbye.… read more »

Last Leg of the GED Training for DTI Staff Finished with another Big Bang!

Last leg of the 2016 GED Training for DTI Staff from non ProGED Replication Provinces finished with high level of buy in and commitment.

14 December 2016, by Elpe Canoog

The third and last in a series of GED Trainings that ProGED has conducted for DTI staff in the provinces not covered by the project as of 30 September 2016, finished with a very high level of buy in from the participants.… read more »