ProGED Closing Event Photo Book

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ProGED Closing Event Photo Book: The book, with 24 pages, compiles very nice photos taken during the Project Closing Event conducted on 25 October 2016 in Cebu City. These include those taken during the Press Conference that was held at 1100H, before the Event Proper, and during the Event itself that started at 1500H. Photos taken during the event proper encompassed the Sofa Session, Group photo by the stairs of Marco Polo hotel, ProGED knowledge products displayed, demonstration of the Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab) of UP Cebu, Green Champions in Cebu being recognized by the project for their greening initiatives, ProGED regional and national teams, GIZ ProGED team, Undersecretary Zenaida Cuison Maglaya and Dr Volker Steigerwald leading the participants for a toast to accelerate Green Economic Development (GED) in the Philippines even with the end of GIZ contribution on 31 December 2016, participants having a great time in the dance floor with music that a live band has provided, participants joining the band, and an array of all smiling groupies taken during the event that lasted up to 2300H. The book ended with the very nice message of The Happiness Creed.

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