Last Leg of the GED Training for DTI Staff Finished with another Big Bang!

Last leg of the 2016 GED Training for DTI Staff from non ProGED Replication Provinces finished with high level of buy in and commitment.

14 December 2016, by Elpe Canoog

The third and last in a series of GED Trainings that ProGED has conducted for DTI staff in the provinces not covered by the project as of 30 September 2016, finished with a very high level of buy in from the participants. The event was conducted on 12 to 14 December 2016 at the City Garden Hotel and was participated by 24 DTI staff coming from the provinces of Regions IVA, V, X, XI and XIII. Other participants came from DTI 7 Regional Office, Regional Operations Group Head Office, Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprise Development and Consumer Protection and Advocacy Division.

From the side of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) who is the new development partner of the DTI, succeeding ProGED, it was Ms Bulganmurun Tsevegjav, who presented the overview of the GGGI and Mr Hyo Youl Kim, Philippines Country Representative, who presented the Green Growth Strategy of Korea.

Ms Agnes Ramirez, DTI Tarlac Provincial Director, shared her office’s experience in greening the value chain of processed food. Further, Ms Anna Virgilia Rodriguez, staff from the Consumer Protection and Advocacy Bureau, presented ideas on Mobilizing Consumers to Go Green.

Key officers of three green enterprises have shared their greening experiences

  • Ms Ma Lydia Lomibao, Owner of J Emmanuel Pastries / House of Pili in Camarines Sur, focusing on the greening strategies of material efficiency and solid waste management
  • Ms Virgin Mary Nicolas, Stockholder and Manager of La Paz PrimeFoods Corporation in Tarlac, focusing on the greening strategies of energy efficiency and water savings and waste water management and
  • Ms Maria Concepcion Arcega, Owner of Mills Enterprises in Pampanga, focusing on natural resource management and local procurement.

For the learning visit, the participants visited Gifts and Graces and were treated to nice orientation and tour at City Garden hotel.

For their greening action plans, organized on per region and individual office basis, the participants collectively agreed to green the following DTI Projects, namely, consumer education, industry clustering (together with the SSF and Trade Promotion), Negosyo Center (together with SMERA and Mentor Me), DTI internal processes especially human resources development and trade promotion for MSMEs outside of the Industry Clusters.

Listening to the presentations of the greening action plans, USec Maglaya said that conducting the last stretch of GED Trainings for DTI staff in non ProGED replication areas was indeed a very good way for the project to end its operations with a high note. She impressed to the group that now they are no longer lagging from the pilot provinces of Cebu and Bohol which have started the ProGED process three years ago. She is glad that now when a lot of people are already talking about GED the DTI ROG is already very much on board.

Further things that have to be pushed within the entire DTI system to mainstream green growth strategies include the integration of green growth performance criteria into the agency’s planning and budgeting process as well as into its staff performance assessment system, 2017 to 2022 national MSME Development Plan and the 2017 to 2022 Philippine Development Plan. And she is happy that after GIZ a new development partner, GGGI, is there to support the agency achieve these intentions.

Specific to the Mentor Me project, she enjoined her colleagues to identify and mobilize green mentors. Further, she hinted that perhaps the CPAB may have to coordinate with the Department of Education to review and enhance the existing Consumer Education Curriculum for elementary and high school students. Other key enablers she cited that DTI need to bring closer into its collaboration system include the local government units and the regional development councils.

Ms Rita Pilarca, on behalf of the GIZ ProGED Team, conveyed to the participants her joy sensing the high level of interest they have shown during the training in the last three days and their commitment to mainstream GED / green growth into DTI’s internal processes and PAPs. Having been a former staff of the DTI and then being its partner in the last 11 years, being a members of the then GIZ PSP SMEDSEP and now with the GIZ ProGED Team, she beamed with pride noting that DTI, especially the ROG, now led by USec Maglaya, has come a long a way in its advocacies and initiatives to concretize GED into services that they provide to its various clients, especially the MSMEs.

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