ACCGED Capacity Building Region 12 Feedback

I realized the value of greening ideas not only for MSMEs but most importantly for us, ordinary individuals in our daily practices. I gained knowledge on how to help save the earth and promote green economic development

The 2 day seminar is very informative and I learned how to value nature more. Indeed, being green isn’t only about business, it’s a responsibility

More inspired to go “green” and to share to others what I learned about greening. I was also challenged to double my efforts in promoting ProGED to MSMEs and consumers. More than that, I have more ideas on how to green. There are more new ideas all the time that can be easily applied. The training was fun and very interesting. I learned more and came up with more ideas for greening the MSMEs, the Consumers, for the Workplace and for the Home.

The session made me experience ecological conversion indeed

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