Acceleration of Green Economic Development in the Philippines (AccGED) beyond ProGED

GIZ Promotion of Green Economic Development (ProGED) project has finalized his operations in December 2016. Fortunately enough, the legacy of ProGED will be consolidated further on. Within a sustainability strategy that keeps up with the advocacies towards Green Economic Development and covers now all the Philippines, two GIZ development advisors positions will continue to support the Department of Trade and Industry. Wit this support and expertise GIZ and DTI expect to accelerate the green development agenda of DTI and MSMEs in all regions and provinces of the Philippines. The GIZ advisor Ms Anita Benassi is based in Cebu and will support all regions and provinces of the Visayas and Mindanao. The advisory position at DTI Head Office in Manila will focus on the regions and provinces of Luzon and Palawan, here Mr. Pitt Berkemeyer is still based until Mai 2017 and will then be substituted bei a new GIZ development advisor arriving in April.

The GIZ-DTI support activities in 2017 are mainly dedicated to the regions and provinces which have not been covered by ProGED project previously. The advisory team will assure the sustainability of the former ProGED project’s methods, processes and results, especially with capacity building activities. Furthermore they intent to strengthen DTI’s cooperation with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), as well as support DTI by institutionalizing GED within all its offices and operational groups and other government agencies.

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